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Have FUN * Be HAPPY * Be CREATIVE * Develop PROBLEM SOLVING abilities * Be IMAGINATIVE * Develop THINKING skills

Visual Creative Art Play I /II

(3 yrs old)

 At this age, the kids are very curious about what’s happening around them, and therefore this is the best time to stimulate their interest in art and get them to enjoy art. Different themes are used to encourage them to observe and to relate to art.
 This is also the stage, which we classify as the “scribbling” stage.       

 Therefore, children are encouraged to express themselves through scribbling. In the process of scribbling, they will learn about colours and shapes. Sensory stimulation and play will be encouraged in the process to enhance their expression in art.
 Finally, in the last stage of this programme, they will be able to discover the use of basic shapes to express their ideas and thus relate to the objects that they see around them.

Course Objectives:Getting to know forms/shapes/colours Building up their motor skillsBuilding up their self awareness Getting to know about tools and materialsGetting to know about Art and stimulate their interest in Art

Medium coverage:
Clay/Paper clay
Plasticine Oil Pastel Poster Marker etc
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